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I Never Knew He Had A Secret To Reveal When He Poured THIS On The Roadside!

I Never Knew He Had A Secret To Reveal When He Poured THIS On The Roadside!

Thanks to Peregrine Church, one Seattle artist, we have something that makes us long for the rainy days. He came up with theRainworksproject which is associated with hidden messages and art that are water-activated. That means, they are only visible once they are wet.

Though we have previously seen mind-blowing sculptures that are so impressive, Church’s work shows us that turning what’s considered ordinary to extraordinary is possible.

As revealed by Church within this video, he came up with his beautiful artworks with the aim of making people find some reason to smile during rainy days. His first work of art is located in West Seattle at one bus stop within California that displays “Stay dry out there.” Another piece is one hopscotch outline.

He further reveals that the products he uses are environmentally safe, non-toxic and biodegradable. The longevity of each Rainwork is dependent on the foot traffic it endures and that is around four months to a full year. It fades faster whenever it’s subjected to more abrasion. Since his art is not harmful to people and the environment, it is legally allowed within Seattle.

I realized how fun and brilliant his work of art is once I watched the video below. I will eagerly be waiting for anything he comes up with next.

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