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How To Always Win At The Claw Machine

How To Always Win At The Claw Machine

A few tips on how to win at claw machines from the pros.

#1 How Packed Is The Prize Pit?

How tightly packed is the prize pit? This will give you a good idea how many people have attempted to win something or not. Tightly packed machines are less frequently used or no one has been successful yet. If a machine is tightly packed, you might as well move on to the next one. Look for machines that are not as tightly packed. This gives you more room to drag the stuffed animals out.


#2 Watch The People Before You

Watching the people before you in line will give you a chance to see how the machine reacts and how strong the claw grip is. You can see whether or not it’s worth your time and money to play. If the claw grip is too loose or the machine is jerky, the odds are against you and it may not be worth it to play, unless the prize is worth the risk.


#3 Pick Your Target Wisely

Be realistic in choosing your prizes. Sometimes the most desirable prize isn’t the most attainable. Look for items that are sticking out, not being obstructed by anything, and close to the chute. It’s easier to win a prize with less time spent in transit. You also want to stay away from slick round objects. The likelihood of grabbing one of those is very low.


#4 Don’t Try To Win On The First Try

Play once to get a feel for how the claw works. Once you’ve found the prize you’re going to aim for, give it an initial shot. It will give you a better idea if the prize is realistically attainable or not.


#5 Maneuver Your Prize Into A Better Position

If you see a prize you really like, you can use your first try to bump another prize which may be obstructing you goal. This will put you in a better position to get your desired prize on the second try.


#6 Spend Most Time Getting The Claw Into Position

Once you drop the claw, that’s it. Make sure you spend most of your time getting into the perfect position over the prize. Being perfectly over the prize will give you the best chance for an accurate grip.


#7 Know When To Stop

Like any other form of gambling, you need to know when to stop. Set a limit and stick to it. Most machines are 50 cents. Give yourself a few dollars worth of tries, at the max. If you don’t get it by your second or third try, you most likely don’t have a chance.


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