How This Woman Got Revenge On Her Daughter’s Rapist Is Brutal… But I Can’t Blame Her.

Most mothers would, and should, do anything for their children. When this Malaysian woman discovered that this man allegedly raped her 13 year-old daughter, she had to do something. She couldn’t stand idly by. So, she found a way to publicly shame the man that sexually harassed her daughter. We cannot condone violence, but seeing this mother stand up for her child is inspiring.

Thousands of men and women are raped in the US alone every year… and our children are well protected.

After learning that her daughter was allegedly raped, this Malaysian mother decided to pay the rapist back.

It’s hard to say that a rapist wouldn’t deserve this public shaming.

The video below is graphic. It’s what the mother did to the man she believed sexually assaulted her child. Most parents wouldn’t hesitate to do the very same thing to someone they thought abused their own…

(H/T BuzzFeed) Violence is never the solution to our problems as a global community, but it’s easy to understand why this mother lashed out as she did. Rape and sexual assault are disgusting crimes. If this man did rape a 13 year-old girl, it’s hard to feel sorry for him.

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