How Does A Tree Defy The Laws Of Physics? Like This.

Daniel Siering and Mario Shu are two young guys who have done something incredible to an old tree next to a road in Potsdam, Germany.

Something that if you were driving down that road and past that tree you’d instantly do a double take in amazement, thinking that you’d just seen a tree defying the very laws of physics.

Here’s the tree in question. Looks normal enough right? Well keep scrolling.

Whoa…is that…is that a floating tree?

Oh right…

As with most things in life, there is always a logical explanation. In this case the floating tree is simply an amazing illusion art piece by the talented urban-art duo.

Daniel and Mario create the illusion of the floating tree by wrapping it with a white sheet, then spray painting onto the wrap this incredibly detailed look of what’s on the other side, giving the tree a see-through look.

Check out the video below of the illusion in action:

Guess this means I technically can get the magically floating tree-house I always wanted.


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