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Holy crap! Is the Hillary cult really this nauseatingly out of control? [pics]!/TajMagruder/status/477273765798088704

“Hard Choices”?!/major1029/status/478517316225728512

Oh dear. As Twitchy noted on Saturday, Hillary Clinton said she loved this guy’s “Hot for Hillary” shirt.!/maggiepolitico/status/477846314189733889

Did this guy pick “Dare” when he should have gone with “Truth”? Please tell us that’s what happened.!/betsy_klein/status/477846943448588289

Reminder: It’s not a cult.!/LittleSlav/status/477849622321561600

Let this sink in. There are multiple people walking around in “Hot for Hillary” gear.!/sethbringman/status/476401635758194688

This Newsday reporter says “Hot for Hillary” shirts are all the rage. All. The. Rage.!/epngo/status/476376463655309313

“How do we get Hillary elected.”

“Let’s sexualize her.”

Proper response: “You’re fired.”

Likely response: “YOU’RE A F*%$IN GENIUS TOM!"— Brandon Morse (@TheBrandonMorse) June 14, 2014!/BeccaJaffe/status/477854969857458176!/steven_groves/status/477951443622588419

A parody from 2007:!/snuggleduffagus/status/477868414938005504

File under “HELL no.”

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