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His Mom Was Dying, And Then This 7 Year Old Decided To Do This To Her. The Best Son Ever!

His Mom Was Dying, And Then This 7 Year Old Decided To Do This To Her. The Best Son Ever!

Most of us have had their parent, or both of them, sacrifice something for their sake. In fact, we’re almost used to so many stories of parents who give so much for their sons and daughters. But we rarely hear of a child that has sacrificed something for their good parent(s). Now, that’s about to change.

As they say, the best things come in small packages, and that’s why a rare story of a child doing something like what’s in this video has been met with so much love and affection for this 7-old-son of a lucky mother.

Looking at him, you instantly know that this small young man is touching millions of hearts across the globe.In fact, this small hero has helped save many lives. I had to watch the clip a few more times and cry my good self to sleep. It’s so emotional.

Watch the full clip and feel the touch. If you think this young man is the best son a mom can have, drop your comment in support of this little angel and also SHARE the story with your Facebook friends!

Little Chen was just 5 years old when he was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor.

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But his mother, Zhou, didn’t have much time to adjust to this difficult news: Just months later, doctors would inform her she’d contracted kidney disease.

1781Daily Mail

The two battled side-by-side in the hospital for years. Zhou required dialysis, while Chen needed round-the-clock care.


Initially, doctors thought Chen would recover — but his aggressive cancer eventually returned.

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Eventually, cancer would blind and paralyze Chen — but his devoted mother never gave up hope.

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But Zhou’s kidney disease had begun to weaken her, and eventually, it became clear that a kidney transplant would be her only hope.

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That’s when doctors pulled aside Zhou’s mother, Lu. “They told me that my grandson would not survive,” she told Daily Mail, “but his kidneys could help his mother, and also save two other lives as well.”

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Zhou refused. “She absolutely didn’t want to hear any talk of that happening,” her mother said.

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But when 7-year-old Chen overheard talk about his mother’s dilemma, he demanded Zhou take his kidney. “Mom, I want to save your life,” he begged.


After much debate, a heartbroken Zhou finally agreed. Her only consolation was that her little boy would live on within her.


Days later, little Chen would pass away. Doctors rushed him to the operating theater where they planned to remove his kidneys and liver.


Before beginning the procedure, the medical team took a moment of silence to pray for the little boy. They then began the operation.


Chen’s tissue was a perfect match, and Zhou made a full recovery. Doctors said it was a miracle.

928Daily Mail

But Zhou’s was not the only life changed by little Chen: His right kidney went to a 21-year-old woman, and his liver was given to a 27-year-old man. Now, thanks to this precious little boy, three lives have been saved — and forever changed.


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