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High School Teen Punished For Defending His Blind Friend Who Was Being Beaten by a bully speaks out

#1 Cody Pines is a 17-year-old California high school student

When the Huntington Beach high teen saw a visually impaired friend being physically tormented by a bully, he stepped in immediately.


#2 Punching the bully as he confronted him, Cody did what he thought was the right thing

After all, aren’t we all taught that as the stronger one we are supposed to defend the weak?


#3 The video went viral and the internet praised his heroics

This common-sense reaction was great, as level-headed humans could see that the bully tormenting the nearly blind student needed an ass whoopin’ in the worst way.


#4 However, Cody was suspended from the football team by his high school

Because when you have a big, brave, kid willing to sacrifice his body for other you definitely should stop him from participating in sports.


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