Here’s The Phone Call Phone Heard All Around The Country. Just Watch THIS.

Meet Nick. He is a young man with disabilities, but more importantly, he is a young man with motivation. He spent seven months completing an online vocational training program called eTrac. The program helped prepare him for the work force. Once finished, he applied for a job at Walmart. He completed two interviews with the staff there. Then, one afternoon, Walmart left a voicemail for him on his phone.

He wasn’t sure what to expect, but they wanted him to call back.

So, with hands shaking, Nick called the company back. What happened next is so wonderful. It’s impossible to watch this without smiling.

Throughout the call, Nick was still shaking, but had a HUGE smile on his face.

They offered him a job as a greeter… and he politely accepted.

Then, once he hung up, it was time to celebrate!

We’re so happy for Nick. He worked hard to get this far and he will do great!

(H/T BuzzFeed) Nick is going to be one wonderful greeter. How could his bright attitude and smile not cheer up everyone he meets? eTrac is a wonderful program and hopefully it, and other programs, help those with disabilities enter the workforce. Before, they might not have had the resources to prepare properly for the jobs… but Nick is proof that now they do! Share his accomplishment. Even if we don’t know Nick, we’re proud of him.

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