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Her Puppy’s State Makes Her Concerned, What A Heart-Melting Incident!

Her Puppy’s State Makes Her Concerned, What A Heart-Melting Incident!

Those who practice medicine can confess that they have witnessed a big share of miracles. Starting from those who have less than one month to live but end up surviving, to unexpected deliveries taking place and many others.

I believe each and every one of us has a medical miracle to share and most of those cases are quite inspiring. Those kind of stories show the true character of God and how highly he values his creatures.

Be prepared for a story with an American origin. It all takes place within an emergency room which can be found in any small-town. We all know that it’s only when things have gone wrong that people visit the ER. Though doctors who work within the ER are associated with a lot of calmness, all appeared shaken by this incident.

Take your time and read the story whose source was one of the witnessing doctors. I hope you were touched the same way it did to me.

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“It was a rainy night, and I was nearing the end of my shift when a nurse told me the lady in #4 needed immediate attention…


#4 isn’t a private room; it’s basically a curtained bed in the trauma unit. The most severe patients are never kept in this area, so I went toward the curtain with some resignation.

It was toward the end of my shift and I had told the nurses on duty to only come to me with urgent cases. Why was this brought to my attention? As I approached the curtain, I heard a woman crying.

A woman wearing a head scarf was crying on the cot. I immediately noticed that she appeared to be undergoing chemo and that she had a pet carrier on her lap.


I instinctively opened the door to the carrier, expecting the worst: A dog mauled by a wild animal, or a dog hit by a car. I’d heard about people bringing their pets to the ER when they couldn’t contact their vets before — and I was more than willing to help. (I would’ve been a veterinarian, but my mom wanted me to go to med school!)

Imagine my surprise when a happy puppy in seemingly perfect health popped out of the carrier.

‘What seems to be the problem?’ I quickly turned my attention back to the woman. Perhaps she was sick?


How foolish I was! She’d probably brought her dog along for comfort.

I silently chastised myself for ignoring the patient to treat the dog, but she too looked OK— if not a little tired and gray from her treatment.

‘I have cancer, and I haven’t been very careful with him and I fear Wally’s contracted it.’

Upon hearing his name, the pup wagged his tail. For a moment, I was speechless. I slowly put it together — she did want me to check Wally. She wanted me to see if he’d become sick from her cancer.

I couldn’t believe my patient was more concerned with her tiny puppy’s health than her own.

‘I’ve been cuddling him. Not a lot, but sometimes I can’t help it,’ she continued. ‘I never told my oncologist about Wally. It was selfish, but I was afraid he’d recommend that I give Wally away.’

‘You don’t need to!!’ I exclaimed — excited that I could genuinely help. ‘We have therapy dogs upstairs with patients all the time! You aren’t contagious, and even if you were, you can’t get your dog sick!’


I unearthed my phone and showed her photos of therapy dogs visiting long-term patients upstairs.

Wally’s tail began to wag faster and harder!

For some medical professionals, the notion that a sick human could make a puppy ill is laughable — but from her crying I knew that her concern was 100% genuine.

“Wally is going to be just fine.”

My patient’s eyes lit up, and her crying stopped almost immediately.

‘In fact,’ I smiled. ‘Puppy cuddles are recommended as part of your treatment.’


I checked in on her health after that to make sure I wasn’t missing anything before the woman enthusiastically shook my hand and thanked me.


We wound up keeping in touch — her name is Lisa.  She went on to enjoy a magical summer with her puppy, Wally. And what’s even better? A summer later, Lisa went on to enjoy another magical summer with her grown dog named Wally…and another.

Now Lisa is in good health, and she and Wally volunteer upstairs at my hospital with the other therapy dogs. Wally is a fine worker — he learned how to comfort humans from his mom, after all.

Turns out, it’s sometimes the smallest things we say as doctors that make the biggest difference.

OH! And I actually do believe that puppy cuddles are good for your health. I wasn’t just saying that.”

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