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Her Encounter With This Homeless Man Turns Out To Be A Turning Point For Him!

Alicia met an old man while driving home in Arkansas. He had difficulty in pedaling since he had a trailer with 10 dogs inside. She went on driving with some worries about the dogs she saw. She narrated on Facebook that if she ever got another chance of spotting the man again, she surely will stop him and help the dogs.

Later she discovered that the man has been homeless from 200. His work was to recollect abandoned animals and try to help them wherever he can, and that for the last 14 years, he has been able to rescue 50 dogs. When Alicia had an encounter with Steve, he was on a trip of 2000 miles in order to visit his girlfriend. He had 10 dogs with him. His trailer got a puncture, leading him to putting a stop at some tree so that the dogs would have some rest.

Alicia got moved with Steve’s story and purchased food for the dogs. Later on Facebook, Alicia and her mother, started up an online fundraising. It never took two hours for hundreds of animal lovers to team up and come up with donations, food supplies for the dogs and rented a room for Steve. A Good Samaritan by the name of Kelley Seaton, offered herself to drive them to Indiana. Upon arriving, Steve and her girlfriend were received by Angela, a hero for animals who is the founder of an organization that takes care of homeless people and animals. From that very day, the family is collaborating with Angela.

To curb Steve’s situation of homelessness, a trailer was donated to him and the dogs. Until today Steve is grateful of the uncertain help he was offered.

Alicia thanked everyone, saying that if it was not for the animal lovers, Steve would be still on the road pedaling.

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While driving home in Arkansas, Alicia saw a man pedaling his bike and carrying 10 dogs in a makeshift trailer. Neither Alicia nor the man had any idea their encounter would change their lives forever.

first-pic-600x801Facebook / Kelley Seaton

Once they got to talking, Alicia learned that Steve has been homeless since 2001. Over the last 14 years, he’s dedicated himself to taking in animals who are neglected and in need of love. Steve and his beloved dogs were in the midst of a 2000-mile journey to see his girlfriend in Indiana. That night, he planned to set up camp so the dogs could rest.

11794421_10207707649396239_2717637942985132707_o-600x793Facebook / Steve’s Strays United Across The Usa

Steve found a kinship with stray dogs; just like him, they had no home. Steve found a sense of family with the dogs, and home became wherever they were, as long as it was together.

homeless-man-journeys-across-the-country-to-start-a-new-life-with-his-stray-dogs-10-photos-6-600x800Facebook / Steve’s Strays United Across The Usa

But Alicia couldn’t leave the man and his pack. She and her mom took to Facebook and reached out to animal advocates around the country. Within two hours, donations flooded in, and a kindhearted stranger named Kelley volunteered to drive Steve and the dogs to their destination in Indiana.

11754537_10207715287227180_1727713508403333256_o-600x800Facebook / Steve’s Strays United Across The Usa

Steve and the dogs also were gifted with a safe motel room, food, and a warm bed. The pups were treated like kings and queens, and they could not have been happier.


Steve and his girlfriend were also connected with an animal hero named Angela, who runs an organization that specifically works with homeless people and their pets.

11807727_10207715779879496_3875971103264068878_o-600x800Facebook / Kelley Seaton

Angela has become the family’s savior, working with them every day since their arrival.

11705735_10207718227300680_3641257840041102755_o-600x800Facebook / Steve’s Strays United Across The Usa

Steve will also be getting a new trailer for himself and his dogs so that his family will never be homeless again. He continues to be blown away by the unexpected acts of kindness, and remains in touch with Alicia and her mom.

in-car-600x800Facebook / Kelley Seaton

Steve will receive assistance in spaying and neutering the dogs. His pups will be provided with all the medical care they need and deserve.

homeless-man-journeys-across-the-country-to-start-a-new-life-with-his-stray-dogs-10-photos-2-600x800Facebook / Steve’s Strays United Across The Usa

Now, with fans and followers around the country — thanks to the power of social media — Steve and his dogs will be safe and happy. “If it wasn’t for every single one of you, this man might still be pedaling down the road not knowing what hardship he might hit next,” Alicia says.


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