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He Took A Photo Of An Old Man Repairing The Roof, What Happened Next Is Heart-Warming!

He Took A Photo Of An Old Man Repairing The Roof, What Happened Next Is Heart-Warming!

Age is just but numbers. An old man of 75 years by the name of Richard Dubiel, has done the work of changing his house shingles alone for three months now. This is his way of working.

David got attracted the way his neighbor was devoted to his work. He was surprised to see an old man climb to his roof top to replace every shingle. Actually this old man is in his mid-70s which is characterized with weak bones of the arm and feet. David photographed him and posted the photo of him working on Facebook. He then requested for anyone who would help as a roofer. This Facebook post got shared numerous times, and he was surprised when people offered to complete Richard’s roof the same Saturday without charging him.

Upon reaching Saturday, there were people already gathered outside Richard’s home, putting the roof back. He had the opportunity of relaxing and seeing the way the work was being done. The nearby roads were filled with trucks that brought roofing materials. Food was also given out for the workers to eat. By lunch time, the roof was already finished.

They left the last shingle without nailing it so that Richard could climb and nail it himself. He became very happy by seeing how kind these workers were.

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For three months straight, Richard, 75, has been working on replacing the shingles on his house, all by himself. Headstrong and strong-willed, Richard likes to do things his own way, and has a hard time reaching out to others.

11892006_983927021670625_6788467202089797720_n-600x450Facebook / David Perez


Richard’s neighbor was shocked when he saw the old man perched atop his roof, and didn’t think he should be doing the work alone. He snapped the following photo and took to Facebook to see if his friends knew a roofer who could step in a donate their time.

Man-on-roof-Facebook-David-Perez-600x497Facebook / David Perez

That Saturday, volunteers banded together to fix Richard’s roof, free of charge.

11905747_10205396124005045_2743449811581051292_n-600x450Facebook / David Perez

Everything was donated, from roofing trucks, to food and drinks, to the roofing skills of so many kindhearted strangers. By noon, the new roof was complete.

roofing-volunteers-Facebook-David-Perez-600x363Facebook / David Perez

But before they nailed the final shingle, the volunteers had Richard come up to attach it himself. Richard is blown away by the unexpected act of kindness, and says his faith in humanity has been restored.

Roof-volunteers-Facebook-David-Perez-600x450Facebook / David Perez

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