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He Noticed The Cows Doing Something Strange. When He Went To Check? You Won’t Believe What He Found!

He Noticed The Cows Doing Something Strange. When He Went To Check? You Won’t Believe What He Found!

A man was just having his nice time one morning when he noticed something unusual going on with some 30 cows. When he went over to check, Ian had no idea that he was walking right into heroism. What found made me gasp.

A 5-day –old small seal had got herself stuck in the mud, most probably after she got separated from her mom and got lost in the vast areas.

Then Ian did something that only a big-hearted human could. He walked over there, picked up the seal and took the little creature to the Seal Hospital. Her condition wasn’t so good, as she suffered from dehydration, hunger and weightloss.

When she finally got better, the guys at Naturelandnamed her “Celebration,” after the center’s 50th anniversary. So lovely. They put her on a recovery program, and it’s turning out all well so far. Celebration will be released back into the wild when she hits over60 pounds in weight, stronger and can fend for herself.

In the video below, you get to watch Celebration in her currentgood condition. She looks awesome! Please SHAREthis great clip with your Facebook friends!

Ian, a 67-year-old birdwatcher, was enjoying his morning at a bird sanctuary when he spotted something strange through his telescope. He couldn’t help but notice a herd of 30 curious cows staring down and gently nudging at something that looked like it just didn’t belong.


Upon taking a closer look, Ian realized it was a five-day-old seal pup who got separated from her mother and was lost in the marsh. It’s believed the baby was trying to orientate herself when she got stuck in the muddy puddle — smack dab in the middle of these giant cows!


Ian picked up the seal, placed her inside his coat and carried her to the car park, all the way down the sea bank, to be rescued. Then, it was off to Natureland where she was admitted to the Seal Hospital. The medical staff needed to act fast in order to save this baby.




Natureland named the pup Celebration, and started her on a treatment plan. She was given rehydration fluids and high fat herrings to help her gain back the weight she’d lost.


Once she recovers and is ready, Natureland plans to release her back into the wild where she belongs. Thank God for the heroic birdwatcher, the staff at Natureland, and even the 30 curious cows for saving this precious angel!


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