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Haircuts That Went Hairribly, Hairribly Wrong

Haircuts That Went Hairribly, Hairribly Wrong


These are some of the worst haircuts you will ever see. This is too funny…

#1 Something Went Terribly Wrong

Hair isn’t supposed to look layered like that… Unless she asked for that…


#2 Old Man Cut

Someone played a cruel prank on this kid. They gave him an old man cut!


#3 The Future Of Mullets

Take a look everyone. In 10 years, everyone will be sporting this haircut.


#4 Pineapple

Barber: “So, what kind of haircut do you want?” Guy: “Pineapple.” Barber: “Sir, that’s not a-” Guy: “I said Pineapple god damn it!”


#5 They Hacked Her Up Good

Someone really went to town on her hair. The result is terrible.


#6 This Is The Haircut For Cool Kids

What’s that, you think this haircut is stupid? Well you’re just out of touch with the younger generations, man.


#7 Someone Branded This Boy

People are really obsessed with apple. So much so that they shave it into the back of their head…


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