Even If You Hate Kids, Seeing This Will Make Your Day 1,000% Better.

Let’s face it: some people aren’t “kid people.” That’s okay. Anyone might think kids are the worst if they’re on a red-eye flight and one is screaming next to you at 3 am. But check out the times when kids are truly awesome…and it’ll totally make up for it.

1.) This kid…lol.

2.) You had me at Wolf of Wall Street.

3.) This kid is a poet.

4.) My heart can’t take it…but I don’t want her to stop.

5.) A FOUR-year-old donated her hair to cancer victims. Yup!

6.) Kids can be helpful, sometimes.

7.) This kid is going places.

8.) That is great parenting.

9.) Did your mother make you say that?

10.) He’s a lover, not a fighter.

11.) This is what happens when you let elementary school kids vote on the name…

12.) At least he’s honest.

13.) “This is how my kid asks to watch cartoons in the morning.”

14.) Her reaction: priceless.

15.) “Next time, bring pie.”

16.) Little dude LOVES nature’s dessert.

17.) Do I need to explain the hide and seek concept again?

18.) She loves the rain, and shows us why!

19.) You tell ’em!

20.) He’s basically a pro modern dance instructor.

21.) Mommy’s having a new baby, and she couldn’t be more supportive!

22.) Nora, you win! (Don’t forget to turn on the sound)

23.) Greatest rendition ever!

24.) And best of all…Awwwwwww!

(via BuzzFeed)

My heart melted at that last one. That has to be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Don’t pretend you aren’t smiling!

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