Deputies Save Elderly Woman Stuck In Her Car Moments Before Disaster.

Timing is everything… and for one woman in Arizona, luck, happenstance and timing was life-saving.

While on route to a water rescue in Wittman, Arizona, a Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department helicopter spotted a woman stuck in her minivan, which had got submerged in flood water in Surprise, AZ. On board the helicopter were Sgt. Wes Kueffer, the pilot, and Deputy Joe Sudella. They knew they had to stop.

The pilot of another helicopter, from a local TV station, had originally spotted the minivan in the wash and alerted the county Sheriff’s department and stuck around to film the daring rescue of the woman, by the two officers.

(Source: AZ Family)

What a scary moment that must have been for her, being stuck in her minivan like that, moments away from being completely submerged in water. Good thing the news helicopter pilot spotted her and that a rescue helicopter was nearby.

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