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Dad Raises 3 Daughters Alone. Now Wait Until You See WHERE They Live.

Dad Raises 3 Daughters Alone. Now Wait Until You See WHERE They Live.

Seeing where this family lives will BREAK YOUR HEART!

#1 Arnold Hernandez

Arnold Hernandez has dedicated his life to raising his 3 daughters to be three successful and great women, no matter how much money they have. He works two jobs as an animal trainer and handyman to make ends meet for his family, but doesn’t complain at all.


#2 A Packed Trailer

Arnold and his three girls Annacristina, 13, and twins Nataly and Vanezza, 11 all live in a tiny 18-foot single-wide trailer which is parked in a friends front yard. His 20-year-old stepson Tony also lives with the familly when he’s not attending Ventura college.


#3 A Fathers Duty

“I used to have a quarter horse, so I learned to braid the girls’ hair with the horse’s tail. I have to be the mom and dad, or I have to be the psychologist. The nurse, the doctor, all in one person.”


#4 Father Of The MIllenium

Spirituality is a major part in Arnold and his girls lives, as they attend church every Sunday as well as free events and educational activities. “He is one of the most devoted fathers I’ve ever known,” said the Rev. Thomas Dome. “Many times, you see him walking with his children, walking with them to school or doing little field trips to the museum.” Arnold truly is the definition of unconditional love and hard work…we wish him and the entire family the best of luck!


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