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China opens the world’s scariest bridge to the public

China opens the world’s scariest bridge to the public

Do you think that you could brave this nerve-rattling bridge that China just opened to the public?

#1 This is a new glass-bottom brings in Pingziang, China

It is testing the testicular fortitude of those who choose to walk across, and it is not for those with a fear of heights.


#2 It is 300 meters long

And you better have a strong faith in the bridge’s architects once you step onto the glass death trap.


#3 It is suspended 590 feet above the canyon

Just fyi, that is not a fall that you can survive. In case you were wondering.


#4 It is the longest glass walkway in the world

And when you consider that you are walking on a glass walkway more so than a bridge, we would not blame you for getting even more anxious.


#5 Many tourists have enjoyed themselves, but others have been utterly terrified

You would think that somebody with even a mild fear of heights would stay far away from this bridge, but you would be surprised.


#6 It has become an instant selfie-location

Because, what are awesome sights in 2015 besides places to take epic selfies?


#7 Would you Walk the Walk?

This had to be what the person was thinking of when they came up with the phrase “talk the talk, walk the walk”. This bridge is definitely a ball check.



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