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Can You Find What’s Lurking Among These Rocks?

Can You Find What’s Lurking Among These Rocks?

These natural optical illusions will keep you looking and you’ll be stunned when you see it.

#1 Beneath The Rocks

There’s much more beneath these rocks. Can you see?


#2 Frog

This is more than just one life as a frog. You’ll soon see.


#3 Lizard

This lizard has longer legs than you think. We’ll show you soon.


#4 Leaves

Don’t leave just yet, theres more to be seen among these leaves.


#5 Now Can You See?

Look closely and you’ll see the nostrils of the model beneath these rocks.


#6 5 Model Frog

There’s 5 models making up this frog. Do you see the knees and feet now?


#7 Long Legged lizard

Can you see the legs of the model now?


#8 Leaf Headed Model

here is the head of this model. Can you see now?


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