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Cab Driver Was About To Rape Drunk Woman, He Stopped When Radio Announced THIS

#1 Calling A Cab

This woman calls a cab in India.


#2 Cab Picks Her Up

There’s something strange about this cab driver that she doesn’t notice.


#3 Staring

He keeps his eyes on her the entire ride, leering at her through the rear view mirror.


#4 Sleeping

After a while, the woman falls asleep in the backseat.


#5 Stops The Cab

The cab drive stops the cab on a desolate road.


#6 Bad Intentions

He gets out and opens the door the backseat, intending on doing something to the woman, but then he hears something on the radio. “The Supreme Court of India has announced that rape accused now hanged till death within 30 days.”


#7 Back To Driving

That little announcement saved this woman, as the cab driver gets back in the driver’s seat and continues to driver her to her destination.

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