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Brave Teenager Has Hysterectomy After Finding Out Her ‘Pregnant’ Belly Was Actually Stage Three Ovarian Cancer

She had a swollen belly and was quite shocked in the beginning

#1 Swollen Belly

18 Year old Riley Benado’s doctor initially thought she was pregnant when she went in with a swollen tummy, but the teen was a virgin and her prognosis was much more dreary than originally thought.


#2 Ovarian Cancer

The Paso Robles High School Varsity Cheer captain had extra fluid in her stomach and enlarged lymph nodes caused by Ovarian Cancer.


#3 Hysterectomy

The teen underwent a hysterectomy to remove a 5 inch mass on one of her ovaries, as well as removal of both her ovaries, her uterus, and other infected organs.


#4 Rally For Riley

Riley’s parents set up a GoFundMe page for their daughter, to raise funds for her treatment.


#5 Brave

The brave teenager hopes to inspire other young girls to get tested at the first sign that something may be wrong. She says, “because this is so rare for someone at such a young age, I hope that others become aware of Ovarian Cancer after reading about my story. I hope my journey inspires others and helps anyone going through similar challenges to understand that they, too can overcome a difficult battle. Thank you for your love, support, encouragement, and contribution to this fight. Together, I believe we can beat this!”


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