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Am Still Shocked by What He Pulled From The Dumpster!!

Am Still Shocked by What He Pulled From The Dumpster!!

The weather in Michigan is very cold that the animals living outside the streets resort to drastic measures in an effort to keep warm. Two animals formed an unlikely- yet-a beautiful friendship in a bid keep warm and avoid the harsh cold.

A call was received by the ever courageous Michigan Humane Society rescue team about puppy that had been left outside in the rain near an abandoned house. The puppy had curled up between two garbage cans when one of the rescue drivers arrived.

The rescue driver ordinarily assumed that the rescue was complete when the puppy ran out to greet him; however he was mesmerized when he heard loud sounds coming from the same spot where the puppy had been hiding. Overcome by curiosity he peeped to see what it was. What he saw is beyond words and brings me to the verge of tears.

It’s just too special for me to write in words. This video however will do an excellent job of showing the marvelous benefits of animal rescue and adoption. Thank you

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