A Tiny Orangutan Was Locked In A Cell… But Not For Long.

This is by far the best 2 minute video you’ll see all day. A farmer in Borneo found a baby orangutan and decided to raise her as a pet. However, she was mistreated, locked in a small cell, and given only rice and tofu. She suffered from severe malnutrition, since orangutans eat fruit, flowers, honey, bark, leaves and insects.

Luckily workers from International Animal Rescue discovered her plight. What happens next is truly heartwarming.

(via The Dodo)

There’s not a dry eye here at the office after seeing her finally working to live in the wild. It truly shows the effect that relief organizations like the International Animal Rescue can have. If you’d like to help this orangutan, or others like her, please consider adopting one of them here.

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