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A Farmer Drilling For Water Found Something That Shocked The ENTIRE WORLD!

#1 A Ranch In Nevada

In the early 1900s a rancher in Nevada attempted to irrigate his land. He dug a well deep into the desert land and found the water to be over 200 degrees.


#2 1964 Drilling

In 1964 a drilling team attempted to create another well in the same spot with more advanced technology. They were unsuccessful because of the water temperature but they accidentally created a fly geyser instead. The results are incredible.


#3 Mineral Rich Geyser

The geyser that was created is incredibly mineral rich. It grows and changes over time. The result is a super beautiful geyser in the middle of the desert.


#4 Ecosystem

The geyser has created its own ecosystem due to the high levels of minerals. Fish can be seen swimming in the water and birds surround the area.


#5 A Must See

Now the geyser gets many visitors every year. It is definitely a sight to be seen and many people have added it to their bucket lists.


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