A Couple Noticed Something In The Middle Of The Street. Nothing Could Prepare Them For This… Wow.

A kind couple living in Bali, Indonesia, came across something that’ll break your heart. The homeless dog population is a huge, persistent problem in Bali. There are sick dogs literally everywhere. So when Shayna and her husband Brandon, volunteers for the local animal shelter (BARC) in Ubud, saw a lump lying in the middle of the street, they knew they should investigate. What they discovered in that dirt road was so sad. That lump was a dog. And she needed help.

The animal they found was crusty, hairless, swollen and sick.

A local man helped Shayna and her husband pick the dog up and load her onto their bike.

Then, they drove 45 minutes to the nearby shelter.

They were determined to save this sweet girl.

They visited her every single day at the shelter to make sure she knew she was loved and was strong enough to survive.

With each visit, the couple fell more in love with Ruby.

She’d sit in her cage and cry out when they left.

Even though they already had 4 rescue dogs and 1 cat, the couple decided to take Ruby home.

Now, she’s the happiest little dog.

She always has a little grin for the camera…

And she fits in perfectly with the family.

Life is good for Ruby.

But it so easily could have ended for her.

The homeless dog population in Bali is a very serious problem. Wonderful shelters like the Bali Dog Refuge (BARC) work hard to rescue the countless sick animals. “At BARC we provide medical care, food, rehabilitation, bedding, sterilization, vaccinations and a whole lot of love to all dogs and puppies within the centre. We educate the local school children on how to care for and respect animals and hold fundraisers to raise awareness amongst the Balinese and worldwide community.” Help more of these sick, homeless dogs find a happy ending by visiting BARC’s Facebook page or website. Any donation you would make could help the needy pups in Bali find good homes. Watch Ruby’s complete transformation in the heartwarming video below. It’s so wonderful what this couple did for her.

Source: Shayna & Brandon Pitch / BARC If Ruby’s story moved you, share it with others. Help dogs in need.

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