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2 Women Stared At Her Baby, A Man Steps Forward. What He Says Next Left Mom Sobbing.

2 Women Stared At Her Baby, A Man Steps Forward. What He Says Next Left Mom Sobbing.


She’d become used to the stares…

#1 A Beautiful Gift

Pam was extremely heartbroken when she was told her unborn daughter Sophia suffered from down syndrome – unsure if she had the strength to care for a child with special needs. But the moment her daughter was born, she fell in love with the adorable little miracle that was her child…


#2 The Stares

Although Pam had accepted and loved her daughter, it seemed like the world never would. She dealt with daily stares and questions about her daughters condition – with many people asking simply ignorant things. One person asked her is she chose to adopt Sophia…


#3 Two Women

One day while sitting at a store with her daughter, she noticed two women going out of their way to stand and stare at Sophia, completely unaware of how rude they were being. “That day it bothered me. It really bothered me,” Pam said. That’s when she noticed a couple walking up to her, and prepared for more stares…


#4 She Told The Story On Facebook

Her interaction with the man completely took her by surprise…


#5 Go Sophia!

Sophia’s story has gotten over 1 million views online, which will hopefully encourage people to be courteous and loving towards those who might be a little different. We all have something amazing to offer to this world, if we simple give each other a chance!


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